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I was fortunate enough to have Meghna Jalan work with me for over a year as my legislative member and then my office’s chief of staff. Meghna quickly rose through the ranks and established herself as a valued member of my team with her can-do attitude and keen insight. Meghna never missed an opportunity to go above and beyond textbook and google research to on-ground engagement with members of civil society, who would be affected by policy changes.

Tathagata Satpathy

Former Lok Sabha MP

Meghna assisted my team and help produce documents for the Indian National Congress party’s Research and Coordination committee. She was an assiduous self-starter who always understood her work assignments and projects well. She is diligent with sufficient motivation to excel in her chosen field of education. She is a team-oriented person, earning the respect of her colleagues and seniors. Meghna is a quick and competent learner. She accepts constructive criticism and instruction concerning her work. From our collaboration, I can conclude that Meghna has a strong motivation for work.

M. V. Rajeev Gowda

Former Rajya Sabha MP

Meghna has been a joyful addition to the team, always keen to take initiative and put her best foot forward. She is good at thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ideas. Clients have expressed great satisfaction with her work and her direct approach to problem-solving. She is a good team player, who brings out the team’s potential. In her tenure at APCO, she has shown great drive and entrepreneurial spirit by chasing various new business opportunities.

Rahul Sharma

Managing Director, APCO Worldwide

Meghna was the first colleague I ever had at Maadhyam. Throughout her tenure, Meghna exhibited utmost professional conduct, diligence and strict adherence to instructions and timelines. Her own inputs and insights to the work added immense value to the final briefs. Her talent, passion, dedication and work ethics reflected in the quality work she produced.

Maansi Verma

Founder, Maadhyam

I had the opportunity to work with Meghna as part of my organisation’s ‘Talking Stalking’ campaign in 2017-18. We had found that the law on stalking in India was being severely hamstrung by what was on paper a minor legislative point – that it was an offence for which offenders could get bail automatically, without any scrutiny of the danger they posed to their victims – but which on the ground was having a major impact. To address this, we drafted a proposal to amend the law to fix this issue with the help of leading women’s rights advocates – but then faced the uphill task of getting the amendments into Parliament. This was where Meghna, who was working as Chief of Staff to MP Tathagatha Satpathy, stepped in to help – and I cannot stress enough just how much of a role she would go on to play. As someone who understood the way MPs functioned and operated, she was able to arrange meetings with those who would give us a sympathetic ear and formulated our strategy for outreach. She was a key member of the team which drafted the final proposals, including the briefs and research notes, which were sent to MPs from across the political spectrum, as well as the actual proposed amendment to the law. Thanks to her efforts, even though we had no lobbying organisation or experts to back us up, we were able to get our amendments submitted as Private Member’s Bills in both Houses of the Indian Parliament, with cross-party support – and in March 2018, the proposal was accepted for consideration by the Home Minister of India, Rajnath Singh. The Delhi Legislative Assembly also passed a resolution adopting our proposal and began work on drafting it as a state-level amendment. Meghna’s efforts through all of this were integral – demonstrating not just an understanding of formulation of a policy proposal, but also the incredibly hard job of finding a way to make that proposal a reality. All the while, she was a brilliant team-player who could also step up where required, for instance when leading the efforts of the team of young legislative assistants who had volunteered to be part of the project and streamlining their work into our final outreach documents. The Talking Stalking campaign went on to win domestic and international awards for its hybrid outreach system, something which would not have been possible without her help.

Vakasha Sachdev

Associate Editor - Legal at The Quint

Meghna is a strong team player, who is equally adept at working on her own with limited
supervision. Her passion for work, willingness to learn and innately cheerful
nature will hold her in good stead, no matter where her dreams take her.
Given her caliber, I see a very bright future for her in the field of policy,

Renjini Rajagopalan

Policy Researcher and Management Consultant