Embracing the Unknown: A Summer Commute Story 🚂🌄

A nine euro ticket was my passport to summer exploration within Germany, and it led me to an unexpected stop: Salzburg. With curiosity as my guide, I packed my bag and embarked on a journey from Munich to the mesmerizing ice caves. Sometimes, the joy lies in not knowing the destination.

Inside the frosty cavern, 400 steps awaited, each one a challenge in the chilling zero-degree embrace. Overcoming my acrophobia, I conquered those steps with determination. The descent tested me, but I prevailed. The hike to the caves was no cakewalk either. Grateful for the couple I met at the Sastnitz bus stop, who became my motivation and companions.

En route, nature’s beauty painted a mesmerizing tapestry that left me speechless, even shedding a tear. This expedition redefined adventure for me—a tale of courage, breathtaking vistas, and newfound friendships.

Hello world!

Being a foodie is not always about trying new dishes, sometimes it’s about relishing the old ones.

Fried potato curry with puri and pickle- this combination always takes me on a journey even if I am sitting at home.  It’s a meal I would always associate with any and every journey I have made with  my family. As someone who is vegetarian yet calls herself a foodie, I would often complain to my mom about packing any food from home. What’s the point of traveling if you want to eat home cooked meals, I would say. She would smile and reply, ” this has its own charm. We will try outside food but we should also take this, just in case…”

After spending seven odd months in Europe, I finally managed to save enough to treat myself to a very short trip. Surprisingly enough, the first thing I  was tempted to do  after the plan  firmed up was to prepare the humble potato curry.  
Every bite of it transported me back home as I travelled around. Yes, I certainly tried enjoying all the local vegetarian dishes- and I wasn’t spoiled for choices any which way!  but while that was food for the tummy, the aloo curry was food for my soul.